読書メモ【ウェブ動画力 ROIを最大化する動画マーケティングの実践のノウハウ96】著者 森中亮

読書メモ【ウェブ動画力 ROIを最大化する動画マーケティングの実践のノウハウ96】著者 森中亮

【HOW TO動画の戦略】参考p40

how to動画は①カスタマーサポート②見込み客のハートをつかむ③ロイヤルティーの工場につながる






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MAYU 2017-06-21 Reading memo 【Knowledge of practicing video marketing practice to maximize Web video capability ROI 96】 Author Morishita Ryo  Edit   Reading memo 【Knowledge of practicing video marketing practice to maximize Web video capability ROI 96】 Author Morishita Ryo 【HOW TO VIDEO STRATEGY】 Reference p 40 How to video ① Customer support ② Grab a prospect's heart ③ Connect to a royalty factory   [Use of moving pictures in job information] Reference p 40 The treatment side is transmitted by letters, but it is more effective to tell human relationships with videos etc. When I was in the interview, knowing the atmosphere of the company in advance with videos etc., I am relatively nervous at first meeting. Hiring will be key to the extent to which information can be offered to job seekers on the Internet in advance. In terms of reducing waste and providing a high-quality interview, it is worthwhile to make a prior investment in communicating the atmosphere of the company with moving pictures.   Point reference p41 ❶ If you place a video on the recruitment information, you can make a difference to other companies ❷ Treatment and conditions are letters, messages and the atmosphere of the workplace is animated ❸ If you spend time and effort on moving images, unnecessary interviews will be reduced and interview with high quality will be increased   [Benefits of publishing movies] Reference p44 ❶ Publishing internal information to the outside leads to internal improvement ➡ Publish "Information to be transmitted" if it's been made private ➡ Do not be afraid to publish internal information   [Advantages of using message type video] Reference p46 ❶ Representative's message builds reliability ❷ Message gives affinity ❸ Message is not the only word   【Point of notification movie】 ❶ Notification movie constitutes "essential" only the main points ❷ Users who do not read letters may only see movies ❸ Make judgment by watching the video whether necessary information is required